Facing My Dental Fears

I went to the dentist today after a long time away. I lost part of a filling and knew it was time to tackle some of these dental issues I’ve been avoiding. I am not dental-phobic but let’s just say I haven’t been dental-embracing either. So, today, I headed into a new dental office and hoped I wouldn’t have to sell my car to afford the bill.

The receptionist was friendly, the x-ray technician pleasant and efficient, and the young dentist, Dr. Nick Young, was both understanding and kind. He went to USC and graduated in 2020. He looked twenty-three, but doing the math, I suspect he is closer to twenty-eight. Before looking at my x-rays, I warned him it wasn’t pretty in there. He laughed and then matter-of-factly went through the various issues I had and we problem-solved the best long-term approach. After discussing the procedure needed for today, a young woman came in and detailed exactly how much all of this would cost. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not going to require that car sale. Not cheap, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. Plus, my dental insurance actually did make a dent in the overall price. So, I began Day One of treatment toward better oral health and I’m feeling happy about it.

When we started the procedure to fix that broken filling, which required a crown and a possible root canal, I settled back in the chair and tried to relax. I thought about the several young dental school applicants I’ve worked with over the past couple of years who needed guidance with their personal statements. They were all so sincere in their desire to help people, so devoted to the idea that dentistry is critical to overall good health, I immediately took a deep breath and started to relax. Dr. “Nick” reminded me of my students and I instantly knew I was in good hands. As it turned out, he and his assistant could not have been more attentive or professional. I also received the good news that I didn’t need that root canal.

I will be returning soon to move forward with the next steps in my overall dental plan. I feel very happy that I am now being proactive rather than reactive about my oral health. This is thanks to the very kind people who greeted me this morning at Main Street Dental, Ventura. I will admit that I needed a little loving care and they couldn’t have been better at providing just that. I am relieved and grateful.

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