Baby Ethan and His Dad Gearing Up for Warming Temperatures in Ojai

I snapped this photo of Ron and Ethan today up in Ojai. The days are getting warmer and the sun is strong. Hats are a necessity and neck protectors are wise for those who tend to burn even on a day like today. This is just the beginning of the warmer weather that Ojai has to offer. Right now it’s only 75 degrees and will climb to 83. Tonight, it’ll dip back down to the mid-50s. However, the UV Index is 10.9 right now, which is considered very high, especially with you keep in mind that 11+ is extreme. By mid-summer, it’ll be too hot and the sun too intense to be out in the middle of the day without lots of sun protection.

The weather in Ojai is considered “Mediterranean” with hot, dry summers and temperatures occasionally getting higher than one hundred degrees. Right now, it’s near perfect weather; by mid-summer, it’ll be better to get up early and do any work outside before heading back into the air conditioning. The lovely part is once the sun goes down, the temperature goes down too. That is a nice change from my native Texas where the nights do cool off in summer, but not nearly as much as here.

Baby Ethan turned five months old on May 14th. He is now officially a “bigger” baby than before. Five-month-olds have a few things they do that younger tikes can’t master yet. These include turning over, pushing up onto their elbows, being much more sociable, babbling, recognizing familiar faces, grasping things, and bringing pretty much anything they can grasp to their mouths. Ethan is doing just fine on these milestones already except I haven’t seen him push up on his elbows yet. But, after all, he’s only been five months since Sunday. For those of us who are related to him, I’d say we consider him pretty much perfect.

I’m headed outside to do some work this afternoon but just couldn’t resist taking this photo of two of the boys in my life. A very sweet sight to see them come around the corner!

Ron and Ethan

Unbeknownst to me, Liz took this photo before Ron and Ethan came outside

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