Photo Essay: Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah!

Today is my oldest daughter, Sarah’s, birthday. I have included a spattering of photos over the years from when Sarah first met her husband Gregorio until the present. I adore this fine young woman who is a wonderful person in all aspects of her life from daughter to sister to wife to mother to friend and to physician. She is a jewel in every sense of the word: shining, multi-faceted, and precious.

I love you, Sarah. Thank you for enriching my life with your presence and then adding all these wonderful people to the mix when you married Gregorio and brought Luna, Nico, and Lyla into the world.

Wishing you the very best of birthdays, honey. Here’s to the best upcoming year ever!

Sarah and Gregorio shortly after they met

Sarah, Me, and Baby Luna

Visiting Sarah during her residency

Graduation Day from Sarah’s Family Medicine’s Residency

Easter with Nico, Sarah, and Lyla

Recent photo of Sarah and Luna

Ray, Andrew, Rachael, and Sarah

Sarah and Liz

Ron, Ray, Liz, Sarah, Rachael, Luna, Len, Nico, and Max, the dog

Sarah with Baby Ethan

Sarah, Chula, and Ray

Sarah and Gregorio

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  1. Judy Alter says:

    Len, it’s so wonderful to get these glimpses into the life of your amazing family But I have to stay your girls all look alike–and resemble you–and I have sometimes have a hard time figuring out which is which. That’s a big compliment to y ou.

  2. Thanks, Judy. Yes, my girls appear to be looking more alike by the day. Several people get them confused when we are out together. I appreciate your kind words, my dear.

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