A Little Spice

Mary Andrews glared at her husband, Chet. “For God’s sake, our life needs a little spice.”

Chet, who was stretched out on the couch with the remote in his hand said, “We could go upstairs right now and I’ll add a little flavor to your day.”

“Honey, even that part of our life has gotten ho-hum. I’m telling you, we’re going to bore each other silly if we don’t do something differently.

“Who says we need to go upstairs? How bout a little crazy stuff right here?” Chet patted the couch.

“How about we take a bubble bath together instead?”

Chet glanced at his watch. “The game starts in fifteen minutes, but I’m good if you are.”

“You do realize that makes my point perfectly. Our sex life is squeezed in between your favorite games and when our kids just happen to be gone, like now. Can’t we do better than that?”

“I guess I could watch the game later.”

“That way we wouldn’t have to rush?”

“Not unless we just wanted to.”

Mary chuckled.

“Race you upstairs?”

“I’m right behind you.”

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