My Day in Photos: Lyla’s St. James’ Pre-School Celebration + Nico’s Soccer Game

St. James, South Pasadena where Lyla goes to pre-school

Kids singing in front of the congregation. Lyla in her pretty pink floral dress. (Yes, she is only 4 and one of the tallest kids in her grade.)

Supporters in the back during church and the performance L-R: Luna, Nico, Ethan, Liz, and Sarah

7-Year-Old Nico kicking at his soccer game (Yes, he is a foot taller than his teammates)

Nico with one of the soccer parents and Coach Dad (Gregorio)

Break and pep talk time for Coach Gregorio with the team (Lyla in the background)

Luna, our big girl at age 10

The support team for Nico and Gregorio: L-R: Sarah, Lyla, Luna, Ethan, and Liz

Baby Ethan at 5 months and Mommy Liz

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