Songs I Sang to My Girls When They Were Little

Every night at bedtime when my kids were little, I sang songs to them. They were not the usual lullabies that many people sing but rather a compilation of my favorite singers at the time. I sang five songs from Joni Mitchell’s Blue album: “All I Want,” “My Old Man, “A Case of You,” “Little Green,” and “A Case of You,” I also sang Leonard Cohen’s songs, “Suzanne,” “The Sisters of Mercy” and “That’s No Way to Say Good-Bye.” I also tossed in songs from Joan Baez, “House of the Rising Sun, “Long Black Veil,” and “500 Miles.” My daughters grew up hearing those songs and I spent years singing them. That is until the girls were too old for “Night, Night” time and wanted to just hang out in their rooms, do their homework, and make their own way to bed.

Here is a sampling of what I sang to my girls. These songs still make me happy. They are nestled deep in my psyche and define a whole part of my early life. I love them (and those girls I sang them to) dearly.

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  1. Judy Alter says:

    Len, we have much in common. My children grew up on Joan Baez, Neil Diamond, and Judy Collins. They can and do still sing many of the lyrics. As a family in the seventies, we took many cross country trips, always with those tapes ( on eight tape players). Marvelous memories.

  2. I would have guessed you as too young to remember this music. Definitely the soundtrack for my early life. I spared my children though and never sang to them, but made sure they heard that music regularly. So glad I did because to this day, my son will sit me down on the couch in front of his elaborate visual and sound system, to play a new song he knows I will love. (I say “new” but recently he shared “Sounds of Silence” by Disturbed…Holy Cow!!!)

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