Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

Today is my middle daughter, Elizabeth’s, birthday. She is 37 and a brand-new mother of 5-week-old Ethan. She reported a few minutes ago that she and her husband Ron were able to go out to dinner this evening and Ethan “did a good job in his carrier” while they ate. Hurray for Ethan!

Liz is what my father would call a “little jewel.” She is smart, kind, and generous. She is also funny and I always know when she is nearby because I will hear her laugh. Her sense of humor is irreverent and also contagious; she and I have shared a few moments over the years when we have laughed so hard that tears have rolled down our faces.

I have the pleasure of working with Liz at Story Circle Network where she is the non-profit’s program director. I have been impressed with her vision for our organization as well as her meticulous attention to detail. She brings a wealth of knowledge to every situation and also a calm head. Having the chance to work with her is a real treat. I am very grateful for our time together.

We will see each other mid-week in Ojai for a birthday dinner and will celebrate again on Saturday when Nico, Liz, and I will have a group birthday party. Liz would be delighted if we celebrated her birthday the entire month of January but, unfortunately, there are three of us with January birthdays. However, this week is all hers so she should be pretty pleased!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. I hope you have a lovely birthday week. You are so full of love and life, I feel happy just being near you.

Ron and Liz


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