A Chilly and Clear Night in Ojai

We are up in Ojai. It is cold tonight. I just checked the temperature: 44. When we drove up early this morning, it was 39 degrees and rose to 59 during the day. The night is clear and there are lots of stars in the dark sky. The weather channel says the temperature here will dip to 42 during the night. I suspect it might hit the high 30s.

We are cozy in our Airstream. Our dogs are sprawled out on the couch and we have several good sources of heat to keep us warm this evening. We have not only an electric heater but also a pan of water on our gas stove. We could always crank up the big overhead heater if we wanted to but we don’t need to. We’re plenty warm without it. (But Ray will turn it on first thing in the morning to give us a burst of warm air when we get up.)

It is only 8:37 but I will be heading to bed soon. We left LA at 6:30 this morning so we could arrive by 8 and work during the day. We are going through our cargo bins, discarding what needs to go and organizing what remains. A worthwhile task.

This evening we went out to dinner with Liz, Ron, and Ethan for a belated birthday celebration for Elizabeth. We sat outside with propane-fueled tall patio heaters near every table. It was right on the edge of being too cold to sit outside but we all were dressed for the occasion in warm coats and hats so we were fine. We had Mexican food and it was good.

I am going to close now and get ready for bed. We are getting up early again tomorrow so we can start again at 8. It is satisfying to see this well-needed organization happen. Slowly and surely we are getting there!

Rachael and Ethan Earlier Today

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  1. Sweet. Just plain and simple sweet. What a sweet life you have created for yourself and your family.

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