Family Visit to Meet Little Ethan at the Orange Grove

Today, Auntie Rachael and Andrew as well as the Pacheco-Beaty family came to the orange grove to see their new little nephew and/or cousin. Ethan. Luna, Nico, and Lyla all needed to hold Ethan and were happy to finally meet the newest addition to the family. Ethan seemed amenable to being passed around and pretty much slept through the whole thing. It is tough, after all, being three days old.

Ray and I had our daughters, our sons-in-law and one boyfriend, plus all four of our grandchildren here. Nothing could make us happier.

Grandma Cindy arrives tomorrow for two days with her grandson.

Sarah introducing Ethan to her kids via FaceTime at the hospital
Liz with Ethan at home
Luna with Ethan
Nico with Ethan
Lyla, Nico, and Ethan
Uncle Gregorio with Ethan
Andrew and Auntie Rachael with Ethan and Ron
Our family together making freshly squeezed orange juice

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Wish there was a Love button I could tap. So sacred to share these precious photos, Len. xoxo

  2. Thank you, Mary Jo. Holding you close in my heart, my dear.

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