Back and Forth from Ojai to LA

We returned to LA this morning after leaving hastily last Monday night at 10:30 for Ojai upon hearing that Liz had gone to the hospital to have her baby. I joined Ron and her on Tuesday morning at Ventura’s Community Memorial Hospital and left in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after Ethan’s birth. I returned to our orange grove and remained there until today. I have been gone for almost a week.

Ron’s mom went to the orange grove today and will return there again tomorrow. She got in lots of snuggles with Ethan and also changed a diaper or two today. I’m sure she was happy. Ethan is her first grandchild.

We will make the hour-and-a-half trek again on Tuesday. We want to be available to support Liz and Ron. We also have business to attend to. I feel very lucky we have this level of mobility.

Here is a photo of Grandma Cindy.


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  1. bayjh says:

    Congratulations to the whole fam-damily! 🙋🏻👼🏼💞

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