Ready for Bed Long Before Bedtime

This week of baby anticipation, baby coaxing, and baby arrival has finally caught up with me. It’s 8:30 and I’ve been ready for bed for at least an hour. I was reading a short story in the Alaska Quarterly – a very good short story that I was really enjoying – and woke up with a start twice. I have work that needs attending to and Christmas gifts to order and I can’t make myself do either. Instead, I am thinking I might just go to bed now and wake up 8 hours from now, at 4:30 am (or maybe 5:30 or 6), and tackle all of that stuff then. I can do it in a fraction of the time if I’m rested.

Here is Ethan just before embarking on his first doctor’s visit outside of the hospital. Apparently, this angelic creature gave his parents their first dose of what it feels like to have a very angry infant strapped into a safety seat. All parents have been there and we all know that is no fun at all.

Hopefully, they will all get a good and long sleep tonight.

I’m headed to bed as well. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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