Ethan Comes Home

Liz and Ron are in the car in Ventura bringing baby Ethan to his new home in Ojai. It’s 8:35 pm so it’s dark here and quite chilly. I suspect there will be a quick dash from their car to their cozy little place.

2 hours later.

Yes, Ethan is now with his mommy and daddy at home. He settled in immediately and even let Auntie Rachael, Grandma, and Grandpa hold him. He was a good sport about being passed around but was clearly happy when Mom took him back so he could nurse.

He has two appointments tomorrow so he’s already a busy boy. Hopefully, he will sleep well tonight so his mom and dad can recover from labor and delivery.

Fingers crossed he will drift right off.

Here is Liz with Ethan as of about 30 minutes ago. I think Ethan might enjoy living in this orange grove.

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