Unseen Forces

This is the second draft of a poem I started today in a poetry workshop. It is a work in progress but also my writing practice for today. I am struggling with the connections and the theme. But I am now ready for bed and ready to let this sit for a while before I return and dive deeper. Good night.

A channel catfish navigates deep water

Gulping up unsuspecting crawfish, snails, and insects

A fisherman above casts a line with a juicy nightcrawler

In hopes of a catfish dinner

An orb weaver spider skitters across its web

Trapping oblivious flies, moths, and butterflies

A rusty spider wasp swoops down and stings the spider

Dragging it home to feed her offspring

I am both the catfish and the spider

Going about my life

When unseen forces swoop in and

Leave me forever changed

I am also an unseen force

Affecting those around me

Who are going about their lives

Innocent and unaware

I best be mindful

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