Liz and Ron’s Baby Shower Today


Today we celebrated Ron and Liz’s baby shower. We decorated, had great food, laughed, talked, and opened presents. It was a wonderful gathering of people who care about Ron and Liz and who were there to wish their growing family well. I didn’t add photos of everyone because there were too many to include. Sadly, Gregorio and Lyla were not there because Lyla’s been sick recently and they thought it was best if she didn’t come.  Big thanks to Cindy Betty for hosting and Sarah Pacheco Beaty (Luna and Nico), Rachael Beaty, Andrew Pineda, and Martha Pineda for all their help with food and decorations. It was a proper celebration for the arrival of either our little Ethan or Charlotte Elizabeth (Charlie). We are now simply waiting for that little bundle of joy to make his or her appearance.

Rachael, Liz, Ron, and Sarah

Ron, Cindy, Liz, Ray, and Me

Martha and Victoria

Kevin, Liz, and Ron

Tyson, Steve, Liz, Ron, Jules, Stephanie, and Molly, the dog

Ray, Liz, Sarah, Rachael, Martha, and Andrew

Ron, Ray, Liz, Sarah, Rachael, Luna, Me, Nico, and Max, the dog

The Grandmothers: Me and Cindy

Liz and Cassie

The gorgeous cake made by Mackenzie Brown May

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  1. Susan/s says:

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful family and celebration! Luna and Nico are so big, it’s clearly time for another little one. Wishing Liz and Ron a beautiful and safe birth of a healthy baby. 😍👼🏻

  2. Thank you, Susan/s! Yes, it’s true. Nico and Luna are getting quite tall. Their little sister, Lyla, is also tall even at age 3 1/2.

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