Unimaginable Losses & A Prayer

Over the past few days, several people I know have experienced terrible losses. Two have lost their adult children, one a husband. I learned this news on Facebook and for each, I felt a genuine ache in my heart.

The very thought of losing a child brings tears to my eyes. And when I read this news, all I could do was put myself in that parent’s place and imagine just how heartbroken I would feel. How utterly devastated. A sadness beyond all sadnesses. And losing my partner, my mate of over forty years (like my friend has this week), oh dear me, that is a different kind of heartbreak that is beyond words.

I have no comforting phrases to offer at this time. I do believe in heaven and I hope and pray all our loved ones are waiting there, but I don’t think those are words of comfort for the bereft right now. I would imagine words are far too finite to deal with loss of this magnitude. There are no words to adequately describe the shattering of one’s heart, and despite good intentions, there is nothing, however profound, that can provide enough glue to put that heart back together again.

The best I can think to do is to pray. Here is my prayer.

Dear Father in heaven, I pray for my friends who have lost those who are beloved to them. Please comfort them during their time of need and help them feel the power of your Divine Love. Help them, Oh Lord, to also feel the connection that flows through you to the world beyond, where those they have lost are safely nestled in love and peace. Fill my friends, Oh Lord, with strength so they may face these upcoming difficult days.  

And Father, please open my heart and mind to Your Word and Will. Help me to be present in this life and do my best to be open, loving, and kind. Guide me in the ways that I can bring comfort through the right words and actions to those who are suffering. Give me the strength to offer what help I can and the understanding that it is You who brings true comfort to those who suffer. Help me to never forget the power of Your presence. Now and forever. Amen.

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  1. Pat Bean says:

    Beautiful sentiments Len. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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