Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin is my niece. She is my sister Leslie’s daughter and she’s exactly ten years younger than I am. Her name is Kevin Elizabeth and she was named at a time when there were at least a few girls who were also named Kevin. That was before it became pretty much exclusively a boy’s name. Kev lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Scott and near her brother Jim and his family.

Kevin is one of my favorite people. She’s down-to-earth, lots of fun, and has a raucous sense of humor. When we are together, I feel as if I am with a kindred spirit. I have known her now for almost sixty years and as soon as I see her, I feel a deep sense of connection. When Ray and I last visited SLC for my great-niece’s graduation, Kev and I spent lots of time in the kitchen together making sure everyone in our rather large family was well-fed. We chatted while we prepped food and cooked and it felt as if we’d lived next door to each all of these years instead of 12 hours away.

Happy birthday, Kev. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day even if you and Scott spent part of it shoveling snow!

I love you, my dear, and am looking forward to seeing you this winter. Ray and I plan to come to SLC to see you and the rest of the gang sometime before spring.

Here’s to aging well. You are doing great!

Dorothy and Kevin a few years back
Kevin and Scott at Sam and Jaime’s Wedding

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