Flash Fiction: Olivia’s Pain

Most have no idea how Olivia became the way she is now. So morose and wistful and despondent. She didn’t used to be any of those things. Her long auburn hair once was pulled up high on her head, curls spilling everywhere and often ringed in flowers. Her blue eyes once sparkled just from seeing the bright pink of dawn heralding a new day of adventure. Her cheeks once were so rosy they looked as if a pot of rouge had been applied to each.

But now, that same hair hangs limply at her shoulders, those same eyes are clouded, and her face is pallid as if she’s suffering from a grave disease for which there is no cure. However, the doctor, through a multitude of tests, has said definitively that what ails our beloved Olivia has nothing to do with the physical realm, but rather hovers in the world of the spiritual.

Olivia, you see, has lost her way with God. Her once staunch faith has slithered away like a serpent, and in its stead is a wasteland of doubt, a desert of cynicism, a vast expanse of nothingness so profound that it has left her mute.

And what’s caused this tragic transformation? Betrayal, of course, as you might suspect, but also something far worse. The unwitting sacrifice of a beloved child who was used as a pawn for power and who, in the end, was the ultimate weapon in a war between love and hate, good and evil. Our dear Olivia took the life of her only son to save that little soul from the never-ending pain that would have been inflicted upon him by his vengeful father.

And our beloved girl bears the burden of that guilt forever on her soul. Not only for the death of her child but also for her folly at being lured into once loving someone so evil, an act that set the tragedy into motion. And for that, Olivia remains now in constant mourning and at continual war with God.  

Van Dyke

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