Luna and Grandma Story #3

Learning a Lesson in the Night

Abby, the apple; Leslie, the lemon; and Brigitte, the banana all live in a fruit bowl in the kitchen of the Sand family. They live in a beach house in Estero Beach, Mexico, where they just moved.

Coral, who is twelve-years-old, loves the ocean so much that her room is filled with stuffed animals, such as dolphins, fish, sea creatures and even an octopus. She loves the ocean so much that even the walls of her room are covered with a huge ocean mural.

Abby, Leslie and Brigitte really want to go into Coral’s room to see the octopus.  They have heard that an octopus has eight arms and they only have two. They all wish they could be transformed into three octopi. 

One night after the whole family was asleep, Abby, Brigitte and Leslie climbed down from the kitchen counter and sneaked into Coral’s room. First, they saw the walls painted like the ocean and then they saw all the fish stuff animals. Abby shook her head, “Fish are so boring.”

They looked and looked and looked and finally saw the octopus sitting in a corner. They were so happy, especially when the octopus opened her eyes and said, “Hello, my name is Ashley. You all look so healthy. Why are you here?”

Abby, who was one who did most of the talking, said, “We want to become octopi like you because we love all of your arms.”

Ashley laughed, “Oh, thank you!  I can transform one of you into an octopus, if you like.”

“Only one?” Brigitte said.

Leslie groaned, “Oh, no!”

Ashley said, “Why do you want to be octopi anyway? Fruit is filled with so many vitamins.”

Abby, Leslie and Brigitte all looked at each other. Then Leslie said, “You’re right. Why did we even sneak into this room?”

Brigitte shrugged and said, “I dunno!”

Abby said, “I don’t know either.  Ashley, your tentacles are beautiful but we are happy just the way we are!’

Then, Abby, Brigitte and Leslie sneaked back to the kitchen, climbed up on the counter and fell asleep in their fruit bowl.

The End

This is a story about three pieces of fruit who want to become something different. They learn a lesson in the night that helps them to understand that they are happy being exactly who they are.



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  1. Joan Henehan says:

    I love the stories that you two invent, they’re so exciting!

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