Congratulations to My Writing Student, Ethan Remez-Cott!


My writing student Ethan will soon be graduating from LA Count High School for the Arts and has been accepted at five schools, all for musical theater. Theses include: University of Miami, University of Arizona, Syracuse University, Boston Conservatory and Otterbein University in Ohio. He has committed to Boston Conservatory.

Clearly, Ethan is very talented as an actor/singer/dancer since these are all critical skills in musical theater. He also happens to be a naturally talented writer and storyteller. I have been quite impressed with Ethan’s ability to write with a strong voice, which not only pulls the reader into his stories but also keeps them interested from beginning to end.

Best wishes to you, Ethan. I look forward to one day seeing your name up in lights on Broadway.

Here’s to great storytelling on the page, on stage or in a song.

Break a leg, my friend.

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