Congratulations to Michael W. on His Graduation from Milken Community High School


Michael has been my writing student for several years now and I will truly miss him as he heads off to the University of Michigan where he will be studying Computer Science in the Engineering Department. He and I have become great friends during our time together, especially since Michael has a natural inclination for excellence and will work hard to make his writing as strong as possible. This was one of the primary reasons he was awarded a Western Regional Silver Key in personal essay writing from the highly competitive Scholastic Artists and Writers contest, the oldest and most prestigious writing contest for youth in grades 7-12 in the U.S. As his writing teacher, I am proud to say his essay was exceptional.

While Michael has chosen to attend University of Michigan because of its highly regarded Computer Science program, he was also accepted at NYU, where he was invited to participate in the Presidential Scholars program. In addition, he was accepted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York as well as a number of other colleges in California.

Michael is not only incredibly smart, but is also a sweet-natured young man with a quick smile. He is open, loving and the only student I have ever had who gave me an adapter to speed up my Internet as well as a special spray with compressed air to help train my dogs to stop barking. So, I can add “generous” to the list of adjectives that describe Michael.

I wish Michael all the best life can offer and know he will do his part to make positive contributions in our world. He is sensitive, resourceful and kind. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and can enjoy a good laugh. Not to mention, he eats my honey-sweetened cakes and cookies with gusto, which naturally makes me appreciate him even more.

Michael, here’s to an exciting new chapter in your life. Please know I will keep you close to my heart no matter where you go. You are loved, my dear. Now go out and do what you can to save our ailing world. We need you!

I will look forward to our rendezvous at some time in the future when Covid-19 has receded and life is back to a new normal. Big hugs to you and congratulations!❤️🎈🎉

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