Tonight I had my last session with one of my beloved students. He and I have been  working for the past several months on his college essays. He is one of my many college essay students and tomorrow he will have an interview with MIT. We finished the last of his essays tonight plus worked on his answers for the interview questions. He is very nervous but seemed to hear me when I said, “Just be yourself. The interviewer will recognize your passion for your subject. Trust all will be well.”

He has promised to come for tea in a few days and tell me how the interview went.

I am wrapping up most of my sessions with my college essay kids. I have a few who will come in over the next few weeks, but after February 1st, the big push is done.

It’s been a good year so far. Lots of good news for many of my students with more to come, I hope.

I end up becoming close with many of my students. When you are helping someone dig deep so they can write a meaningful personal essay, you learn a lot about them. Often, my students leave as friends.

Fingers crossed for my MIT boy tomorrow. If nothing else, he can feel proud he got an interview. He is so sincere and earnest, I believe he may have a decent chance. Whatever the case, he and I will soon have tea and we’ll be able to enjoy just a bit more time in each other’s company.

I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow.

Night night.



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