Wrapping Up

Last night I worked until 10:30 with students (starting at 3) and I had a consistent stream of them again today. February 1st is a major deadline for some college applications and so the race has been on.

But now, for the most part, all the work is done. I have three students who need about three hours before the first, but that is a piece of cake. The onslaught is over. After Saturday, I will basically work with only a few students every week on writing in general and I’ll turn my attention back to my own writing, my online courses and eBay. This is a welcome shift after an intense summer, fall and winter filled with students, 3 weddings, and a 9-day international writing workshop. Don’t misunderstand, these were all wonderful things; however, I must admit I’m looking forward to the possibility of creating a little routine in my life.

As for my students, we will begin learning soon who was accepted where and there should be some serious celebrating. Of course, there will likely be some disappointments too, but most of my students are well aware of how competitive these schools are and so are steeling themselves, just in case.

However, so far the news has all been very, very good.

We’ll start hearing in the not-too-distant future.

Fingers crossed for all my students.

On that note, I’m headed to bed. My eyes are already closing so I better hurry on up and get my teeth brushed.

I’ll talk with you guys again tomorrow.











2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeanne Guy says:

    Love reading about your life.

    1. Thank you! You warm my heart.

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