A Day with Sarah & Gregorio and Our Grandkids

Today, Ray and I spent the afternoon and early evening with the Pacheco Beaty family out in Pasadena. First, we attended granddaughter Luna’s soccer game in La Canada/Flintridge where we had a light sprinkle of rain. Luckily, Gregorio brought the pop-up so we were all comfy and dry while Luna’s team, the Unicorns, ran up and down the field.

Luna came up after the game and said, “I don’t feel bad that we didn’t win.” Her coach arrived shortly after and praised Luna for her hustle on the field and the nice turns she made. She introduced herself as Coach Helen. I told her my name was Helen as well as my mother’s and she smiled. “Yes, a family name for me too,” I liked her on first sight.

Then we headed to Sarah and Gregorio’s house in Pasadena where we made a late lunch and Nico and I made an apple pie sweetened with maple syrup. After eating, Sarah and I took the kids to the park and let them play until almost dark.  They had fun on the playground and also on the baseball field where they (and about five other kids) took turns throwing balls and playing fetch with an Australian shepherd, a dog that was remarkable in her calmness even when surrounded by a whole herd of children.

Once we returned to Sarah and Gregorio’s home, we sat and chatted while Nico and Lyla fell asleep and Luna drew pictures. Ray and I headed back to our house around 8 pm.

We had a lovely time with this part of our beloved family. Absolutely no better way to spend the day.

I am headed up to bed now. Nothing like a day with kids to wear you out. I expect I will sleep like a baby tonight.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

Here are photos of the kids, Sarah, Gregorio, Liz and me. The photos are from Liz’s wedding because I was so busy enjoying our visit today that I forgot to snap any pictures. Oops.

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