Instant Pot Magic With Boiled Eggs

I just want to go on record as saying that my Instant Pot produced the most beautiful boiled eggs that I have made in low these many years of boiling eggs. Plus, it was simple and easy.

Below is the recipe and some photos of my perfect boiled eggs. I realize this is not earth-shattering information, but if you like/need to make boiled eggs and you happen to have an Instant Pot, then this is info that you need to know. Besides, there’s just something very satisfying about making a perfectly boiled egg and then sharing that joy with others.

Here’s the foolproof recipe:


  • Place 1 cup of COLD water in inner pot of pressure cooker (liquid is ALWAYS needed for the pressure cooker to be able to reach pressure.)
  • Place eggs in egg rack or carefully on top of rack that the Instant Pot came with.
  • Seal pressure cooker.
  • Set cook time to 5 minutes (5 minutes on high pressure–push the manual button and adjust the timer to 5 minutes)
  • After cook time has elapsed, let the pressure release naturally for 5 minutes (I suggest setting a timer that will beep at 5 minutes so you don’t lose track of time. )
  • Once 5 minutes has elapsed, release any remaining pressure in the Instant Pot by using wooden spoon or kitchen towel to knock vent knob to vent position.
  • Carefully, remove eggs from pressure cooker and place in ice bath. Eggs are VERY hot, so use a potholder.
  • After eggs have been in ice bath for 5 minutes, remove and peel.
  • Enjoy your PERFECT hard-boiled eggs.

Here are a few photos of my perfect boiled eggs:



Have a happy Friday evening  I’ll be checking back in with your tomorrow.

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  1. THanks, Len! I have made boiled eggs in my instant pot, the best thing I do with it. I like your 5 minute rule, easy to remember. 5, 5 an 5!

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