Up in Ojai at the Orange Grove

I am sitting in the “dining” section of our Airstream; Ray is reading on his computer in bed. We are listening to KUSC, the classical music station, which is playing Concertante in G by Domenico Cimarosa. (I looked this up to be sure.) It is lovely. The dogs are up on the bed with Ray. That is Cordelia, our corgi, Frankie, our terrier, and Hazel, daughter Rachael’s dachshund mix. It is chilly in here.  I have on a sweatshirt, yoga pants, heavy socks and slippers. It is supposed to get down to 52 degrees tonight.  We do not have the heat on.

We are up here in Ojai to figure out a water problem that requires Ray’s attention. He is the only person on this land with three partners who has any idea where all the water lines and valves are. He often is the “memory” in many different aspects of his life, including many of the details of our personal history. He calls his good memory a “curse” on some occasions since he ends up having to remind others exactly what transpired. This includes the criss-cross of water pipes on this land, which have been added to over the years by tenants and who knows who else. We received a massive water bill from the city last month, prompting this need to figure out the problem. This is not our issue, per se.  We are not responsible for the valve that got turned and subsequently created such havoc. However, Ray is the only one who can track down where the problem may be and help come up with a better solution. We also have some other work here tomorrow, but the water is what necessitated this trip. Luckily, Ray is in the picture. I’m not sure what might happen water-wise, otherwise.

I am very happy that daughter Liz and son-in-law Ron live up here on the land. That means that when we come up, we are able to have a good visit with them. Today,  we had a chance to catch up on what’s been happening. We haven’t seen them since they went off for a week in Yellowstone as part of their honeymoon so we got to hear all about their trip. From the sound of it, they had a wonderful time. Apparently, this is the perfect time to visit Yellowstone. The crowds are gone now that there is a distinct chill in the air.

It is almost 11:30 pm so I’ll close for now. I am happy to be here in the orange grove. I breathe deeper and sleep better here. I believe it has something to do with the cleaner air and the quiet.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.  I’ll be checking back in with you again tomorrow.

Orange Grove

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