Poem for My Sister

I found this poem I wrote to my sister back in 2012.  It seems fitting tonight so I decided I would share. Sweet Leslie, I loved her so.Len


I see her lying in her hospital bed
Dark brown eyes half closed
Square jaw tight
Can she hear me?

I lean close
“Hello, Sister.”
Her pale lips shift
Into a half-smile

Her skin is smooth
Her body warm
Her legs toned
From constant walking

But I know this body
Is hiding the truth
That a brain once quick
Now has locked doors with no keys

I want her to open her eyes
To sit up and glide off that bed
Ready for a quick walk
Ready for a quick talk

And yet I know
She is going nowhere
Except away in the most real sense
Whether it’s today or tomorrow

I lean close
And say softly,
“What a good sister you’ve been,
And will always be.”

She stares off
Her eyes focused on her path
That takes her away from here
To a place that’s free

I kiss her cheek
Bid her farewell
Watch as she closes her eyes
And hope we’ll meet again

Leslie's Picture

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  1. David Bilbo says:

    Beautiful, Len, as all of your writings about your siblings have been. It is overwhelming to me when I think of all your siblings that you have lost to this insidious disease. It’s hard for me to imagine the sense of loss you must feel as you reflect on the times you were all together.

    1. David, I feel as if my three brothers and my sister are with me right now, sprawled on the couch and chairs, reading, joking, half-snoozing. They are so much a part of my present that I don’t think of my loss. I had them so solidly when they were here on Earth, they remain right here for me now. I do miss their physical presences but am so grateful I was so close to them when they were here. I feel blessed to have had such love.

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