Surrounded by Love

Today I participated in a confirmation mass at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood, where Bishop Samuel Azariah, the former bishop of Pakistan, presided. This was a happy day for the entire church and Bishop Azariah was open, loving and inspiring.  Here is a photo of me with a few of my fellow acolytes in the sacristy before we got started.  I love these fellows. Our acolyte corps is a wonderful family within our larger parish family.

Richard, Stephen, Clint and Len


After church, Father Davies, Ray and I went to visit Stacy Title, Jonathan Penner and their kids Cooper and Ava at Barlow Respiratory Hospital.  We have a sweet afternoon with this beautiful family even though Stacy is suffering with ALS and has had a rough year of it.  I didn’t get a photo of Stacy today, but Father Davies took this shot for me to share and I “borrowed” the Stacy and Jonathan’s photo from Jonathan’s Facebook page.  Again, I felt love and sweetness all around. I am humbled by the joy in my life even among those who are facing great challenges.  Love abounds.

Stacy and Jonathan a Couple of Years Back

Stacy and Jonathan

Ava, Cooper, Ray, Jonathan and Len TodayPenner Family + Len and Ray


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