Baja Bound

We are currently in our van with two of our three daughters, Gregorio, Luna and Nico (Rachael, Ariel and Ron couldn’t come). I just saw a sign that said 90 minutes to the border. We are outside of San Diego en route to Ensenada, Mexico where we will stay tonight with Gregorio ‘s mom and step-dad. We will be arriving very late, probably around 12:30, assuming our border crossing is uneventful.

Tomorrow, we plan to visit with Gregorio’s family in the morning before heading out to our air bnb, which is near the beach. We will spend tomorrow afternoon and all day Saturday at the beach before heading back to LA on Sunday. This is a joint celebration for Mother’s Day and Sarah’s birthday, which is Tuesday.

Luna and Nico are already sound asleep. I am sitting in the middle near Luna. Ray and Gregorio are up front and Sarah, Nico and Liz are in the back. The advantage of a fifteen passenger is there is lots of room.

I have had several busy days so knowing we have a weekend of pure vacation is very welcome. I’m glad Gregorio is driving since this is his stomping ground. He is just going home for another visit.

I will check in tomorrow when we have Internet. Until then, have a good relaxing Friday and weekend. Until then…

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  1. Kelly Wise says:

    Have a blast Len!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! We are at Gregorio’s parents’ home now. Heading to the beach in just a bit. Happy.

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