Ensenada, Mexico

Here is a picture of the ocean where we are staying in Baja. The continuous roar of the waves is a lulling sound. The sky is gray, but the weather has been mild. We saw four dolphins jumping and playing in the waves for at least forty-five minutes this afternoon. This evening we drove about fifteen minutes to a Korean/Japanese restaurant where the Asian owner greeted us in Spanish. The food was delicious.

Now, as we lay in bed, I can hear those waves. What a sound! They are putting me to straight to sleep.

Rest well, my friends. I will check back in tomorrow.

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  1. sampatron says:

    How lovely and relaxing, Len. You’ve been so busy I’m sure you really need this time. Your story about the Asian restaurant owner reminded me of a story my sister told. She was in Hong Kong and met this Japanese man while sightseeing. He spoke no English, she spoke no Japanese, but it so happened they both could converse in Spanish. So, this American woman and this Japanese man in Hong Kong speaking in Spanish must have been quite something.

  2. Ha! Love that story, Sam. Yes, I have needed this time off. Breathing this ocean air and hearing those waves is helping me to relax. Thank you!

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