Long Day of Students and Writing

Today, I started at 10 am and worked for 2 hours with one student on his personal statement for a Master’s program in Oral Health, which will be the precursor to his dental school personal statement.  Then from 2 – 7, I worked with another student on a college term paper on police brutality. After that, I worked from 7 – 9 with a student on 15 medical school short-answer questions. (We have already finished his stellar personal statement.)  Now, I am sitting here, dead-tired and hungry.  I think I forgot to eat dinner somewhere in there.

Tomorrow, I have a writing group at 9, a student from 11-1 and another student from 1-3.  Then I’m going to throw a few clothes in a bag and jump in the van to go with Sarah, Gregorio, Liz, Luna and Nico to a beach house in Baja for a joint celebration of Mother’s Day and Sarah’s birthday.  The bad news is that Rachael and Ariel can’t join us since Rachael has a work commitment this weekend and Ariel needs to be here for his mother on Mother’s Day. Ron isn’t coming either since he also has his own Mother’s Day celebration to attend here in LA. I’m sorry everyone can’t come, but I certainly understand.  I just wish they could!

On that note, I am closing. I am one pooped pup tonight.  I am looking forward to a few days at the beach.  Somehow I think that will be just what the doctor ordered.

Have a good evening, my friends.  We’ll talk again soon.



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