Happy Birthday to Granddaughter Luna!

Here are a few photos of a little girl who is turning five years old today.  Miss Luna Isabella Pacheco Beaty, who is the first of my grandchildren and one of the two brightest spots in my universe (the other being her little brother, Nico).

I like to tell Luna the story of how I was in the room when she was born and that I was the very first person to see her face as she was being delivered. My first words to her mom and dad were, “Oh, my goodness, she is so cute!”

And she is.  And smart and sweet and kind and generous and all things nice.

The world is a better place because our little Luna is here.

I wish her the best of all birthdays today along with lots of fun coming over the weekend when the whole family is going to Ojai for even more celebrating.

Happy birthday, Luna!  I love you VERY much.


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