Long, but Good Day

Today was one of those days.  Up early, lots of paperwork, then students all afternoon.  The good news is that I took care of lots of niggling details, and one of my college students and I finished a comparative literature essay.  Can I say just how incredible John Cheever’s short story, “The Swimmer” is?  I hadn’t read it since college so I have a whole new level of appreciation for Cheever’s fine writing.  Wow is my only word.

Tomorrow, my beautiful granddaughter Luna turns five-years-old. We will go out to her house in the afternoon/early evening for a celebration.  I never tire of seeing these two grandchildren of mine. The lights of my life.  Pure and simple.

My niece, Charlsie, who is my brother Sam’s youngest child, is heading to the hospital in Austin tomorrow to be induced.  There is a high likelihood that little Luna will share a birthday with her brand new little girl cousin, Remy.  We shall see!  Lots of love headed toward Charlsie and Austin this evening and tomorrow!

As for now, I am headed upstairs to shift my attention from work to relaxation.

I will be checking back in with you all tomorrow.









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