Fire Appears to Be a Theme

We are in Texas dealing with the aftermath of a fire in the laundry room of our Fort Worth condo.  This is where Sarah lived when she went to medical school and we have kept it as rental since that time. Our tenants, a medical student and a pharmacy student, came home from school to find a fire truck in front of their unit, dousing out a fire that occurred in the dryer.  The tenant had left the dryer running and at some point, the upstairs neighbors heard the fire alarms and smelled the smoke and then called the fire department.  There is smoke damage throughout the condo and the laundry room is pretty damaged.  Today we were scrubbing down walls.  We will work there several times over this week but can’t touch the laundry room yet since the fire is still under investigation.

As I was mopping walls today to scrub off the smoke and soot, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that I had just last week been cleaning the kitchen in Ojai, wiping off smoke and soot.  Hmmm.  Fire as a theme?  Let’s hope that theme ends now.

Despite that not so good news, we are grateful no one was hurt and the damage wasn’t more extensive.  Plus, we are lucky that the weather is very nice here in North Texas.  Last week it was 12 degrees.  I think it hit the high 60s today.

I will close since I am dead tired.  Still glad to be here for a visit.  This is home so what more can I say?

I’ll check in soon.



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