Paperwork Day

Today I was on the phone with the insurance company four times related to the fire.  I also got the Spring term of online classes for Story Circle Network all lined up and I am feeling excited about what a good roster of classes we’re going to have. In addition, I paid bills and set up auto pay for my new Medicare supplemental program with Kaiser. (That alone took at least an hour, by the way, since nothing was working for me or the lady on the other end of the phone, computer-wise.)  Along with all that, I had the chance to catch up on news from my brother and sister-in-law who dropped by for a visit.

Alas, I have come to the end of my day.  Tomorrow, we head back to the condo to do more fire clean-up.  Whoopee. This trip is turning out to be a lot of muscle-building fun.

The good news is that I got to spend all day here at Lyon House, our beloved Victorian.  It was quiet, peaceful and cozy.  Plus, everywhere I looked, it was simply beautiful.  I do love this house. I forget how lovely it is until I walk in the door.  Every time we come, Ray and I look at each other and one or the other manages a “Wow.”  Yep. This is a Wow house.  No doubt about it.  We both feel very happy that we stuck out the very long restoration process.  It is definitely worth it.

I am heading over to take a bath and then to bed.  Our friend, Darrah Dunn, will be picking me up early and he and I will head out with Ray coming about 20 minutes behind.  These 1 1/2 hour drives are giving Darrah and me time to catch-up.  That is always a treat.

I hope all of you had a good day.  Hopefully, your tomorrow doesn’t involve wearing a dust mask and scrubbing down walls with a sponge mop and 409!

I’ll check in again soon. Until then, take good care.



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