My Birthday Present!

I am excited.  Today, my birthday present from Ray arrived: an Instant Pot.  My niece told me about the Instant Pot this past summer when she and her family visited.  “It has changed how we eat,” she said.  “I can make a really good dinner in 30 minutes.”  Then when we visited my brother Sam and his partner Jaime early this month, we tried theirs out. Sure enough.  We had a delicious coconut soup in about 20 minutes.

Alas…now it’s my turn. I will give you an update after I’ve had this new contraption for a while.  I read a review that said that after a year, the person loved their Instant Pot even more than when they first bought it. I’m hoping I will too be in that category.

Off we go!  Thank you, Ray.  Hopefully, you’ll benefit from this gift as well!


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