Learning While Watching: The Crown and The Darkest Hour

I am watching The Crown on Netflix and must say that I feel as if I’m getting a pretty decent history lesson in the process.  After each episode, I often look up people or events to learn more. I also have a Welsh friend I quiz routinely regarding events related to the British Royal Family. This is truly educational television!

I also recently saw the film, The Darkest Hour.  This is also excellent and a real eye-opener about the opposition Churchill faced when trying to stand up against the Nazis in World War II.  Gary Oldham disappears entirely and Winston Churchill takes his place.  Another treat is Ben Mendelsohn of Bloodline fame. He plays King George VI and is almost as good as Oldman, which is the highest compliment.  I didn’t even recognize him until almost the end of the film.

I highly recommend this series and this film.  They are not only entertaining but also will leave you feeling better informed about important historical events.

Excellent all round.

The Crown




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