Day 1 of 2018

Hi all,

Happy New Year to you.  I wish you peace, prosperity, good health, love, wisdom and goodwill in this upcoming year.  I wish that for us all.

I have been off-balance over the past couple of months. Overworked, a bit frazzled, too tired. Just as I wound up my busy season with college entrance essays and term papers, the Thomas fire swept in and dominated my consciousness. Then we’ve had the holidays, which have been busy but also restorative and good. We’ve had simple celebrations this year, nothing fancy or too hard.  Alas, I am feeling better, more even-keeled, hopeful for the upcoming year.

My goal is to be back on track with my daily blogging.  This space helps to keep me honest about my writing and my life. It also helps me to focus on the positive, not get bogged down by all the invitations to feel overwhelmed by the national political situation or international fears. Life in the slow lane is what this blog is about. Nothing monumental or trailblazing. Simply a chronicle of a simple life with simple hopes and dreams.

I am beyond the need for flash and dazzle in my life. I am happy with routine, calmness, kindness and a decent hot meal. I do appreciate the love that surrounds me from family and friends.  I could not make it without the kindness and generosity that is offered by all of you to me for no reason other than our basic human connection.  Thank you for your support even when I fall off the wagon periodically and sit silently while I regroup.

Here’s to a renewal of spirit for us all in 2018.  One day at a time.  Let’s breathe deeply, smile at each other across the airwaves and believe in a greater Good.

I am happy to back amongst you.  Again, I wish you the best this life has to offer for the upcoming year.

Big hugs to all.




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