Next Round of Birds Taking Flight

I am wrapping up with my college essay students.  Saying good-byes after several months of work. Several kids have already gotten the first of their acceptances if they applied Early Decision or Early Action.  Some will not hear until February or even March.  The work is over and the wait is on.

While I will miss these folks, I can see the exhaustion on their faces from all the work they’ve done over the past few months. I can also feel the momentum already propelling them out of their current lives and into their future ones. They are on the move, these kids. Ready for new adventures waiting down the road.  They are kind to me, sweet in their thanks, but I can see their eyes straining to make out what’s happening far beyond me, can sense their eagerness to dash forward and out of sight.

As for me, I’m happy they are happy and also ready to go.  This is intense work, very personal, and it requires a lot of me in the form of questioning and coaxing before we even get to the actual writing and editing.  By the time we are done, I am ready for a rest. Pleased with the experience, but also happy that another round of birds will be taking flight.

Besides, I know several will call me from college with a request for a little help with an essay or two and then we’ll get to work together again.  Some will even come visit after all their work is done just to chat and drink a cup of tea. I am always happy to see a familiar face at my door and hear the highlights of their new lives.

Camaraderie. Connection. Caring.  I feel grateful to have work that brings me such joy.







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