Godless – Well Worth Watching on Netflix

I’d like to put in a big plug for the 7-episode limited series, Godless, which can be found on Netflix.  This is the story of a New Mexico town of La Belle where almost all the men have died in a mining accident and the town is run by their widows. Unfortunately, La Belle comes into the crosshairs of a gang of ruthless men who are in search of one renegade from the gang because he wants to live a better life. That man, Roy Goode, is the adopted son of the gang leader, Frank Griffin, and Frank will stop at nothing to get revenge on the son who has now abandoned him. He has already made good on this by burning down another town, Creed, and killing all the residents. 

Roy Goode, after a shoot-out near Creed – and severing Frank Griffin’s arm – finds himself severely wounded. He ends up at a ranch run by a twice-widowed woman named Alice, her Native American mother-in-law and her half-Native American son. That ranch is near La Belle, and the plot is off and running since Frank Griffin will be coming that direction shortly on his hunt for Roy Goode.

This series is smartly written, depicts complicated relationships, and shows a whole different perspective of life in the Wild West. Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin is believable and pretty darn evil. Roy Goode will melt your heart.  Alice and the women of La Belle will make you proud of the female gender. My friend Randy Oglesby has a recurring role, which is also quite a treat.

I was truly sorry to see this limited series end, which is a real compliment.  I highly recommend it.  Please let me know if you watch it.  I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

Happy television watching and we’ll talk again tomorrow.


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