Camp Fire Bracelet

Have any of my fellow Camp Fire Girls ever seen the bracelet featured below? I have not, but we are selling two of these on eBay and I did research to find out their origin.  That’s when I discovered the ad below.  This is a sterling silver Fire Makers bracelet with the Camp Fire motto of Wohelo (Work, Health, Love) written in Alaskan Tsimshian letters. I have a very long history with Camp Fire, having grown up in Bonham, Texas where Mrs. Jesse Adams ran a thriving organization that involved many of the girls in our town.  I have many happy memories of Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls and then Horizon Club.  I am very proud of the fact that I reached the Gypsy rank in Camp Fire while in high school, which is the highest rank in outdoor living.  I can still cook a full meal over a campfire, including a cake!

I found myself singing “Wohelo for work, Wohelo for health, Wohelo, Wohelo, Wohelo for love,” very loudly this afternoon while I was posting on eBay.  I know my fellow Camp Fire Girls know that song and also the pride I feel as a past member of that wonderful organization.



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