Thoughts on Lack of Excerpts

Dear friends,

Let me address why you have not gotten more excerpts from my manuscript so far this week. The truth is I have discovered that I have more rewriting to do before I can again post.

My original plan was that I would take each excerpt and rewrite, one per night. But I have realized that some pieces are taking much longer than I expected to get to a level I feel happy about. For example, I spent three hours one evening rewriting the dialogue between my mother and me and, though I was happy with the result, I instantly saw that given that amount of time, I could not possibly stay true to my original plan of an edited post per night. Since then, I have encountered a few other problems. One being that I need to write two scenes that go before the final scene in Chapter Two. After feedback from a reader, I realized that I needed to develop the relationship of my mother and Dorothy in order to clarify my complicated but deep love for both of them.

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I want to continue this process but I see that I need to have a few edited scenes queued up so that I can work at a more leisurely pace and make sure that I have each scene in its right order.

I have begun work on the additional scenes for Chapter Two. I will add these in the next week and then resume a systematic posting. Of course, I have to fit this in between students, editing jobs and help with the Ojai building project for Liz and Ron. We are, in fact, en route to Ojai as I write. We will be proceeding with the work project tomorrow since Liz and Ron hope to be living in Ojai by the end of next month.

Thank you for your support of my book project. I appreciate your encouragement very much. I promise to return to regular posts of excerpts once I can get those scenes written!

Hope you are having a good night.

I will check back in tomorrow, probably with photos of grandkids and building progress since we are having a family work weekend at the orange grove.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Wise says:

    Your tireless work energy, discipline, and dedication are an inspiration.

  2. ingells says:

    Len, I say you do what you need to do with your book and we readers will appreciate things whenever you are ready to share them. Blessings on your family weekend, coming to you from the north shore of Lake Superior!

  3. Thanks so much! Hugs to you.

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