Visit from My Sweet Madison

Today I had the pleasure of seeing one of my long-standing students, Madison Stingray. We have known each other since she was in fourth grade and we’ve been friends and fellow writers now for the past twelve years. She is a recent graduate of Georgetown University and is leaving on Friday to start a Master’s degree in Archaeology at Cambridge University in England.

Madison and I have stayed in close touch while she was in college.  She has taken online courses with me through Story Circle Network (SCN) and has even worked as a social media intern for SCN, helping me to publicize the Online Classes program that I coordinate.  LIke all good friends, we began talking the minute she sat down and continued until I was waving a teary good-bye two hours later.  We share a deep love of writing, which creates a bond that runs deep.

Here’s to a wonderful adventure, Madison, over this next year.  Come see me during winter break and tell me all about Cambridge and your studies there.  I am already eager to hear your stories.

Much love, my sweet friend.


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