Up One Day, Down The Next

Heading west tomorrow.  Actually, going to Salt Lake City for one day to pick up an old pickup that Ray and our nephew sell back and forth to each other for $700.  We’ve had a good trip. I’d prefer a few more days here so we can finish some of our work, but commitments and grandbabies are calling us back to CA.  We will look forward to our return, which could be early October, at least for Ray.

Yesterday I was skydiving and today I was weed-eating, mowing and using a sup pump to empty a low place at our building that had filled with water from recent rains.  One day up, the next day down.  Part of the rhythm of life, I suppose.  Truth be told, I enjoyed the normalcy of today after the adrenaline rush of yesterday. Tomorrow, we’ll be scrambling to wrap everything up so we can get on the road west.  Amarillo is our goal for tomorrow night.

We have been very lucky with the weather this past week.  Not too hot, a lovely breeze and reasonable humidity. I have never seen a greener August in my life than this year here in North Texas.  So much rain is the reason.  Many people are worried they are going to have a tough winter since the summer has been so mild.  I guess we’ll see.

I better head off to bed.  We’ll be up early doing all the work necessary so we can get on the road.

Happy Labor Day to all.  I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.


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