Delayed, but Leaving in the Early AM

We were supposed to leave today, but we are still here.  Just as we were making our final preparations, Ray noticed one of our front tires on the van had steel showing.  So, that required time for tire changing.  Then, as we were getting closer to going, our tenants in Fort Worth called and said their fridge was on the fritz. Luckily, we have an extra fridge after the sale of the house across the street.  Unluckily, it was buried in our building, which meant moving stuff to get to it, then getting it on the trailer we are taking back to CA.  That took more time and lots of energy.  By the time it was 7 pm, (we had planned to leave at 4), we decided that going to bed early and starting at 5 am would make more sense. So, that’s the plan.

I’m sorry to be leaving so soon. We saw some friends, but not as many as we’d hoped. Alas, work calls. I’ll look forward to our return.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day.  Ray and I managed to spend this holiday “laboring.”  Oh well, we still have the adrenaline going from that sky dive.  Now all the work is done and we can get up early, toss our bags in the van and head to Fort Worth. From there, we’d wind our way up to Salt Lake City, arriving mid-day Wednesday.  A bit delayed, but we’re still going to get there. Can’t wait to see our beloved family there.

I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

I took the photo below a few minutes ago as I was returning from walking the dogs.



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