Friday Evening

I am sitting in the den of our home with my feet up and the television on at a low volume.  We have turned down an invitation to join the kids at a food tasting event in Arcadia (which is a good trek from here) and Ray and I are looking forward to a low-key night. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving early to volunteer at the St. Thomas Breakfast Club so staying in tonight and going to bed early has a definite appeal.

I have spent much of my day going through vintage books and determining their value via eBay.  This is the sort of task I love since after I type in the information, I get to peruse each book. If the results don’t merit our selling the book, then it goes into a box to give away.  If the book does have a reasonable value, then off it goes into another box for future listing. Of course, I am tempted to keep more books than I should but I have developed a reasonable amount of discipline. After all, I am running out of places to put those books I love so much!  I have had a lovely day doing this while listening to Leonard Cohen, Mumford and Sons, a bit of Bach and Lucinda Williams.  Hard to improve on that, at least as an occasional activity.

I got a haircut late this afternoon and then came home to color my hair.  I wouldn’t say this is a task I enjoy. One of these days, I’ll get to the point when dying my hair no longer makes any sense.  I don’t want to be one of those women whose face is far too old for dark hair.  So far, not quite there, but there will come a day.  Ray continues to encourage this activity.  I suppose this is what I get for marrying a man five years my junior. Oh, well, there are advantages to marrying a younger man, so I’ll put up with this inconvenience for now.  However, those bright silver roots are becoming fairly impressive.

On that note, I’ll bid you adieu until tomorrow. Have a lovely and restful evening.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.



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