Girlfriend Time

I just returned from visiting my friend, Judy HG, who is one of my closest buddies here in LA. We have just spent the last four hours covering a lot of ground in our conversation since it’s been a few months since we have seen each other. I would say one measure of a true friend is being able to pick up where you left off, no matter the time apart. 

Judy and I met at St. Thomas the Apostle several years back and we’ve told each other a good many thoughts and secrets over the years. I would say another measure of a true friend is someone with whom you can lay your heart bare. Trust is required for this and I trusted Judy pretty much from hello. That is a wonderful gift, finding a buddy with whom you can be completely honest without fear. I feel lucky in that regard. 

I am now off to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow. I will go to bed happy tonight after my time with my friend. The world feels like a better place knowing my buddy is in it. 

Sleep well and talk tomorrow. 

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