Welcome Home, Liz and Ron

We have just returned from picking daughter Liz and her boyfriend, Ron, up from LAX after their return from Iceland and Denmark.  They arrived tired, but happy after 10 days away.  They have chronicled their trip quite nicely with photos on Facebook, which has been great.  On the drive back from the airport, Ray and I enjoyed hearing details of many of the museums, restaurants, and areas they visited in Copenhagen and also during their layover in Iceland.

They flew WOW Airlines, which is barebones and offers fairly inexpensive trips from the US to Europe.  (They may fly other places as well, I just don’t know.)  Liz and Ron’s trip overall was just around $500 each round trip, which is ridiculously cheap for an international fare. They said they would definitely fly WOW again, but the key is to know exactly what the strict luggage requirements are for carry-ons and also to be prepared to either bring food and drinks on the flight with you or else be ready to buy them during the flight.  For the budget-minded, this sounds like a great airline.

I am delighted they had a great trip and am equally delighted that they are now back home, safe and sound.  I appreciate Liz and Ron’s spirit of adventure.  I love traveling myself. Who knows?  Wow Airlines might very well be in our future as well.  Liz said she thought the modern art museum in Copenhagen might be a place we’d really enjoy.  I secretly nurse the desire to visit all the major modern art museums around the globe. What could be more fun than that?

Welcome home, Liz and Ron.  Glad to see your sweet faces!


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