Kids and Grandkids Visit

Ray and I didn’t have our usual overnight visit with our grandkids this week because of scheduling conflicts.  However, we had both begun to miss our little buddies so we agreed this morning that I would text Sarah and suggest a visit late this afternoon. Sarah’s response: “Nico is burning up with fever.” That information nixed our plan.  When the kids are sick, they are better by Day Two.  When we get that same ailment, we are down for the count for several days.  Gregorio, Luna and Nico have been sick for the past several days, but only Nico still had a fever.

We had made peace with that decision until we received an emoticon from Luna of a broken heart because we were not coming over to see her.  She had the last vestiges of this bug the family had and was feeling better.  Of course, that was all it took.  We decided to bite the bullet and go visit.  We can’t have our little granddaughter feeling disappointed.

Liz and Ron came too.  Rachael and Ariel were painting their apartment so they couldn’t make it.

Nico was alternately fussy and playful. Luna and Gregorio were definitely on the mend.  Sarah looked tired from this current “hell” rotation she is on that is 6 days a week, fourteen hours a day.  She is two weeks into a 6-week rotation.  Liz and Ron were looking a bit tired from jet lag related to their trip to Denmark but otherwise were fine.

We had a lot of fun getting up to date on life events, plus laughing over silly jokes.  I was thrilled to see everybody, but most especially those two little critters.

Hopefully, we will ward off those babies germs.  Whatever the case, the visit was worth it.  Especially seeing that big grin on Luna’s face when we arrived.

Life is good.

At Our House Last Week


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