Soothing the Soul with Music

I need a break from all the bad news in the world so I have spent some time this evening listening to music on YouTube.  Here is Rodney Crowell, who we saw at The Troubadour last month. He sang this song then and I can relate to the lyrics and Crowell’s state of mind. I think of this as songwriting at its best.  Pure, simple, true and heartfelt.  What is better than that?  Be sure and listen to the whole song.  Some of the best lyrics come in the middle of the song.  “I’ve been lied on, spied on…”


And a song he wrote for Guy Clark in that last year of his life

And from NPR Music:

This music will perk you up even if your heart is dragging a bit.

Thank goodness for talented singer-songwriters. We need them.

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