Newest Binge-watching: “The Leftovers”

I am sitting in a semi-dark room.  It’s 10:07 pm.  I want to hurry and finish my blog for tonight so I can go watch television.  We are binge-watching “The Leftovers” and we are midway through Season 2.  I think there are 3 seasons.  I would say this show has a compelling premise, which is that 3 years before 2% of the world’s population disappeared in an instant.  A sort of “rapture,” but without a religious aspect. It’s not just the “good” people who have been called up to heaven, but rather a random selection of folks, good, bad and in between, who suddenly are simply gone.  The series is about those who are left behind, The Leftovers, and how they cope with the major worldwide disappearance.

This series is based on a novel written by Tom Perrota, who also wrote Little Children, and is produced by Damon Lindelof.  The main stars are Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Carrie Coon and Liv Tyler.  The acting is excellent, the problems ring true given the circumstances and the storytelling is compelling.  I won’t know how I feel about the series until I’ve seen it all, but so far, it definitely has captured my interest.

Here is a trailer for Season One:

Okay, off I go to watch at least one more episode before I go to sleep!

Talk tomorrow.


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